KDX Invisible Car Cover

◆ Superior Weathering Resistance

◆ Supreme Stain Resistant

◆ Durable & Invisible

◆ Impact Resistant

◆ Scratch Resistant

◆ Fade & Erosion Resistant

◆ Preserves Vehicle Paint

◆ Easy to Install & Maintain

◆ UV & Acid Rain Protection


KDX invisible car cover is also known as paint protection film, which is a transparent protection film pasted on surface of car body. It not only possesses toughness and micro-scratch self-healing functions, but also can insulate paint from air, avoid rust, aging and yellowing, and enhance gloss of paint. After tearing down invisible car cover, original paint shall not be damaged, no gum shall be reserved, and paint shall be as bright as the new.

■ Healing tiny rub: Healing rapidly when encountering with tiny rub or improper nursing

■ Covering micro-scratch: Covering the already existed micro-scratch on paint, and looking like the new

■ Promoting gloss: Selecting raw materials with high brightness and high definition, and promoting brightness and glossiness of paint

■ Isolating pollution: Not easy to adhere such dirt as acid rain, sand and guano, easy to be cleaned, not damaging the paint

■ Avoiding paint shedding: Protecting original car paint from being damaged and shedding after encountering with slight impact, and looking like new after tearing down the protection film

■ Avoiding color fading: Isolating ultraviolet ray in sunshine, and preventing paint from aging and color fading for long-term outdoor exposure

■ Value maintenance and worry-saving: Saving the expenses for several times of paint supplement and protection, preserving the original paint, and promoting the valuation at the time of resale

Special Case KDX CAS

Avoiding disassembly and cutting, and saving material cost for 20%
38 brands, nearly 2,000 car models, and exceeding 36, 000 data
Reducing construction risk for 90%, and promoting construction efficiency for 70%
Computer 3D cutting, high precision, fast speed

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