1. Car Preparation and Protection

  • Car Inspection and Protection

  • Film-mounting Tools Preparation

  • Cleaning Outside of Car Windows

2. Car Film Preparation

  • Car Film Plating

  • Film Cutting

  • Film Baking and Formalization

3. Film Mounting

  • Cleaning Inside of Car Windows

  • Film Mounting

  • Water-squeezing and Drying

4. Inspection and Quality Guarantee

  • Acceptance Inspection

  • Announcements Notice

  • Making Quality Guarantee

Video Introduction to TINI

Car film-mounting construction has equal importance with the product, and only the quality construction can ensure embodiment of product performance. KDX promises to provide each car owner selecting us with perfect film-mounting service, so that car owner can feel excellent performance of the product.

This video is formulated according to the two national standards of GB/T 31848 Film Mounted Motor Vehicle Glass – Requirements for Mounting and GB/T 31849 Film Mounted Motor Vehicle Glass, and it is standard construction video of car film industry. The video is issued by the following units jointly:

KDX Kangde Xin Car Film (National Standard Drafting Unit)
National Quality Test Center of Glass & Specialty Fiberglass (National Standard Drafting Unit)
China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association (National Standard Drafting Unit)

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