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To better protect your rights, you shall pay attention to the matters below:

1、Do not rise and fall glass within 7 days after film mounting, do not start defogging heating wire within 30 days, and do not attach sucked-type articles on glass.

2、 If there is bubble in border of film, you shall arrive at the construction site within 24 hours for repair.

3、Do not paste the sticky label on film directly, and the professional annual inspection static sticker of KDX needs to be used.

4、If there is water mist between film and glass, it shall belong to normal phenomenon, you shall don’t worry, and the trace shall dry out and disappear naturally within 1-2 months after proper ventilation or parking car in outdoor.

5、Do not push film edge aside by fingernail or sharp article, to avoid ingress of dirt.

6、Prevent hard object from touching with the film, to avoid scratching.

7、Do not clean surface of window film within one month after film mounting, wipe it by clean and soft superfine fiber towel afterwards, and pay attention to not sandwich sand grain or sharp particle, to prevent film surface from being scratched.

8、Do not dispose any problem occurred. It is suggested to return to the shop 7 days after film mounting to give re-examination to film-mounting quality of your car.


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